Peter, the Lead Trainer of Contact Point, was recently awarded a medal by the UK Association for TA, and it was presented by a member of the governing Council, at the venue that we use for our training:


The citation reads: 

This person has lived by Eric Berne’s ambition of making Transactional Analysis available and comprehensible to people from all walks of life by

Supporting trainees from poorer backgrounds to complete TA training

Establishing a charity for children and younger people providing TA-based psychotherapy at very low cost for as long as they need it

And creating new TA theories to explain the autistic mind:


He has worked on UKATA Council and continues to provide consultation on constitutional matters.

"I was delighted that representatives of all three of the organisations that I helped to create celebrated with me: volunteers providing counselling and therapy for children, students and graduates of Contact Point and Aspies involved with the Aspie/NT workshops which have provided the material for the articles published in the TA magazine. Rosalind Sharples, a member of Council, kindly made the presentation.

I thank my students for nominating me for this award."