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Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy

Course Starting January 2017

This course comprises three years of part-time. The maximise flexibility, each year is contracted for independently, allowing breaks in the training or taking up training at another RTE. It provides in in-depth coverage of transactional analysis (TA), ethics and professional issues to prepare a student for professional practice as TA psychotherapist, or as therapeutic counsellor registered as a TA Practitioner. There are twenty days of training, and an option of ten sessions of group supervision for those seeing clients, in ea­ch of the years offered.

Those seeking registration as a TA practitioner and those who have appropriate prior training and/or experience to allow them to credit prior learning towards the total 2000 training /supervision/client hours required, may not need to take all three of the training years. However, most students can expect to take four to five years between entering the Advanced Training First Year course and taking their CTA examination.

Successful completion of the training leads to the option of inclusion in the National Register of Psychotherapists published by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Students may achieve their diploma during the second year of training on submission of satisfactory diploma assessments. They may then choose to apply for accreditation with BACP or UKCP (in this case, via UKAHPP and UKATA, subject to having completed the required practice hours, while continuing their training for the CTA examination.

Second Training Year

The different schools within TA; theory and practice. Ways to think about problems, change, treatment and healing. Supervision. Developing a flexible repertoire of responses to client’s needs.

Third Training Year

Advanced theory. Working with specific severe clinical disorders.

Fourth Training Year

Specialisations. Clinical Practice and Supervision.


Most students, working for qualification as a Certified Transactional Analyst use a fifth year for exam preparation.

Guest trainers will give students exposure to the variety of styles, theoretical emphasis and ways of working in TA.

Students are encouraged to use the material to develop their personal therapeutic style and professional identity.

Students may move between different ITA approved training centres during their training.

Course Details

External validation by EATA: See additional requirements for CTA on previous pageDuration (per year)

140 hours a year over 10 week ends; (1 w/end monthly) for 3 years60 hours over 10 weekends in the fourth year.

Suitable for

Anyone starting a career in psychotherapy OR those already working as a counsellor, OT, social worker, psychologist, CPN, teacher etc

Admission by

Application Form plus:

(a)Interview to assess personal/academic suitability and two satisfactory references normally including a trainer’s reference. Accreditation by Prior Learning permitted.

Or (b) Graduating from Contact Point Foundation Year.

Criteria of admission

Post graduate level entry or equivalent .Foundation Year Certificate. ILP agreed with trainer. Satisfactory supervision report if seeing clients.
Year 1 completion certificate. ILP agreed with Trainers plus satisfactory supervision report
Year 2 completion certificate. ILP agreed with Trainers plus satisfactory supervision report

Year 3 completion certificate. ILP agreed with Trainers plus satisfactory supervision report training Contract with both a Contact Point Trainer, and with EATA

Modules & Course Units required

A minimum of Three modules of ten Units each

Assigned work & method of assessment

Year 1 & 2 & 3: Two written assignments 1 presentation, on-going evidence of communication skills
Year 4  Dissertation, viva & presentation of audio recorded client work.

Evidence of anti-discriminatory practice required throughout the Course.


Assessment by

Years 1 &4: Peers, Trainers & External Examiner
Years 2 &3: Peers, Trainers.
For CTA: EATA Examiners

Internal marking of written assignments

Two Trainers must agree; where they disagree a third Trainer marks work.

Appeals re course work

External Moderator makes final decision.

Appeals re administrative/other training matters

External Moderator

Hours client contact required

A significant proportion of the CTA requirement: 750 hours of which 500 must be using TA over at least 18 months

Hours theory required

The 5 year course (Foundation + Adv Dip) provides 620 hours, exceeding the CTA requirement of 600 (of which 300 must be TA)

Hours of Supervision required

150 of which 75 must be TA as follows:
Year 1 One hour per 6 hours client contact.
Thereafter, at supervisor's discretion;
minimum 25 hours credit per year.

Mental Health familiarisation

120 hour Mental Health Familiarization placement.
Additional hours required.
See handbook.

Eligibility for CTA exam

Candidates may continue to accumulate relevant hours during the exam preparation process.
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Required; for working with private clients
Personal therapy
Required with approved psychotherapist. Minimum of 40 hours per year-
for four years and continuous during training

Membership of UKATA

UKATA Student membership required.
Upgrade to Contractual Trainee required in final year
Students required to adhere to Contact Point & UKATA Codes of Professional Practice,

Statement of Ethics and Complaints Procedures

Contact Point Trainers required to adhere to

The 5 year course (Foundation + Adv Dip) provides 620 hours, exceeding the CTA requirement of 600 (of which 300 must be TA)

Written Course contract

This is a requirement.

On completion of 2 years advanced training

Diploma awarded by Contact Point may be used as part requirement  for BACP or UKAHPP Accreditation

After 4 years advanced training

Advanced Diploma awarded by Contact Point.
Students may join the EATA CTA exam preparation group
The CTA award, with the psychological placement and appropriate hours, entitles them to inclusion in the
UKCP National Register of Psychotherapists

Fees in 2015  (reviewed annually)

£1550 tuition - plus supervision fee with Approved Supervisors separately negotiated for exam preparation.

Likely additional expenditure

Books £200; UKATA membership £60 p.a. EATA exam fees: Written Exam £520; Oral £150.Conferences extra

Likely sources of Funding

Government Career Development loans Some employers prepared to fund staff


As stated at annual registration.

Course dates  

Attendance for Personal Development only
This option permits attendance without taking exams. A Certificate of Attendance is issued.