A series of five workshops

During 2016 and 2017 a series of workshops entitled 'Aspie TA101' were run by Peter Flowerdew and two Aspie Co-presenters. The impact of the information and the experience on Aspies and on the parents, friends and partners of Aspies was literally life transforming. The material developed as a result has been presented at two consecutive annual National Conferences of the UK Association for Transitional Analysis (UKATA) and the 2017 European Summer School of the European Association or Transactional Analysis EATA) as well as being serialised in the quarterly magazine of UKATA, The Transactional Analyst.


The material was  expanded and consolidated into a series of five workshops in 2018 which we successfully ran as a cycle.  People who want to attend the series should book using the form below (concessions can be requested). When at least ten people have signed up,  the series will begin and continue on alternate months until complete.


For 2019, the series of five workshops is beginning in July. The five dates are on the fourth weekend of every second month:

- 27th & 28th July 2019

- 28th & 29th Sept 2019

- 23rd & 24th Nov 2019

- 25th & 26th Jan 2020

- 28th & 29th Mar 2020.


The standard cost for each weekend is £160.

I am offering a "two for the price of one" if an Aspie brings along: another Aspie; an NT partner, family member or work colleague; or their therapist.

I am happy to negotiate a 'fair' payment for individuals on low income, unemployed or in receipt of support benefits. 

The workshops will be co-presented with members of The Different Engine PLP and we aim to facilitate an experience of open dialog and mutual insight between NT and Aspie participants, by the application of Transactional Analysis models and techniques.


The workshops:


Workshop 1Understanding two different kinds of mind. 

  1. Another way to think about and understand Asperger's
  2. Why Transaction Analysis (TA)  is the 'missing piece'.


Workshop 2How the mind and personality are related. 

  1. The TA model of personality
  2. Modeling mindblindness


Workshop 3: Social Interaction and levels of communication. 

  1. The Analysis of Transactions between two realities.
  2. The world an Aspie experiences and the world an NT experiences


Workshop 4:Taking the drama out of relationships. 

  1. The TA theory of psychological Games
  2. NTs experience Aspies as 'playing Games'. Aspies can't play Games.
  3. How to avoid painful outcomes


Workshop 5: Theory of Life Scripts. 

  1. Unconscious patterns of relating based on unconscious memories.
  2. Different kinds of minds; different kinds of Scripts.
  3. Relationships that heal



Presented by Peter Flowerdew with Richard Hall and Christine Russell.


It is useful if non Aspies (Neurotypicals; NTs) have attended a TA101 before.


The Community Centre, Rear of Eden Grove Methodist Church, Eden Grove, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0PQ

Car parking at the front.


9.30am – 5.00pm

Cost £160.00 per weekend: Concessions available.


Tea and herbal teas available.

Bring a packed lunch or use local facilities


 Download workshop booking form



TA101: The official introduction to Transactional Analysis
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